imagine a Windows® image inspired by automation, a single adaptable SOE image to cater for all your business end-user needs. 

imagine you don't need any infrastructure. imagine you don't need any technical resources. imagine you can build it in the cloud.

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SOE Imaging in the Cloud

Windows® 7 is fast becoming the primary platform for the business workplace end-user environment.   Windows® 8 is here.  Don't get left behind while your competitors are bringing their environments up to speed.  Is the idea of upgrading all your systems too much to think about?  Are you concerned about the cost?  Don't know where to start?

impeltec brings to you the world's first and only self-service SOE Portal.  The SOE Portal puts you in the driver's seat and lets you design, build and maintain your Standard Operating Environment (SOE)* image in the cloud, thereby removing the need to invest in infrastructure or technical resources.  Just log in, follow the steps in an easy-to-use wizard, and within minutes your SOE image will be defined.  Click the go button, then sit back and wait while our automation builds your SOE image in no time.

The service outputs a low cost, standardised, reliable SOE image that will meet your needs whether you are a small-medium business, enterprise or government organisation.  Our approach results in a single image that can be installed on all your hardware models, and caters for your differing business units or regional needs.  The SOE Portal automation also makes your SOE image maintenance and change demands a breeze, no more stressing or guessing about how to incorporate the latest hardware certification, update a core application, or make a configuration changes. Best of all is the ongoing time and cost savings your business will realise.

The SOE Portal build automation currently supports both Windows® 7 and Windows® 8.  Need virtual?  The SOE Portal is equally capable of provisioning both physical and virtual devices.

The SOE Portal provides you with a subscription-based cloud service that gives you the flexibility to choose a plan that best suits your organisation.  Our subscription plans are designed to reduce resource effort and associated SOE lifecycle costs when compared to current day SOE practices, providing real year on year dollar savings to your bottom line.   Dedicated infrastructure is not required, providing savings on hardware and associated support and licensing costs.  Expensive or dedicated skilled resources are no longer required.   Check out our pricing calculator, or contact us for help with calculating your ROI.  Register now for a free trial!

Couple this service with impelApp and impelOps to have all your end user management needs covered.  See our services overview to discover our full range of SOE-related services.

*SOE, or Standard Operating Environment (SOE) is one of many IT industry terms used to describe a standardised implementation of an operating system with its associated hardware, software and custom configuration, all prepackaged for deployment to end user and server devices.  Read our full SOE definition »