The following freeware is available for download:

impelLaunch impelLaunch can be used to launch an application installer (e.g., .exe, .msi), a script (e.g., .vbs, .wsf, .ps1), or to run a program.   It can be run manually, from a system (or configuration) management solution (e.g. Quest KACE, Microsoft Intune, Microsoft Configuration Manager, or Altiris), in a custom script, or used in the task sequence of an operating system deployment.   It has been designed to get around many of the limitations found in business environments. Read more »
impelDeviceInfo impelDeviceInfo is a utility which runs on Windows®-based devices to display informational and diagnostic data about that device.  It is designed to work as a support tool, allowing end-users and support agents to easily obtain information commonly required for device identification and troubleshooting. Read more »
RemoveAutoLogon RemoveAutoLogon is a utility to stop automatic logon from occurring in Windows®.   Additionally, it can be configured to remove the local user account and profile used by automatic logon.   This can be useful during automated operating system deployments where auto logon needs to be subsequently disabled, such as in the case as used by Quest KACE deployment appliance. Read more »