imagine having the time to focus on your business, and knowing that your IT environment is running smoothly

impelOps - impeltec Technical Operations and Administration

With impelOps, impeltec can operate, manage and maintain your IT environment on your behalf.  You can leave your Business-As-Usual (BAU) IT practices to the experts, and have more time and money to focus on projects, management, and your core business.  

impeltec specialises in Managed Service operations for:

  • Server and infrastructure management
  • Cloud services management (Azure, Office 365, Intune)
  • Device management (desktop and mobile)
  • Windows/SOE build management
  • End-user management
  • Security patching (Windows and third-party software updates)
  • Application packaging

With defined Service Level Agreements (SLA) customised for your business, you can be sure that quality services are delivered within set timeframes.   With known costs and defined outcomes, no longer will you have to delay your projects or worry about resourcing for handling everyday mundane operations.

Couple this service with impelSOE and impelApp to have all your end-user management needs covered.  See our services overview to find out more about our complementary services.