Quest KACE - Endpoint Systems Management Appliances

imagine having a full-featured systems management product that doesn't take a consultant weeks to stand up.

Quest KACE - appliance-based systems management
For further information, download the Quest KACE Endpoint Systems Management services brief and datasheets:

 KACE Services Brief
 KACE SMA Datasheet
 KACE SDA Datasheet

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The Quest KACE Systems Management Appliance (SMA, aka K1000) and Systems Deployment Appliance (SDA, aka K2000) deliver a fully integrated systems management solution, unlike traditional software approaches that can require complex and time-consuming deployment and maintenance.  KACE accomplishes this via an extremely flexible, intelligent appliance-based architecture that typically deploys in a matter of days and can be easily self-maintained.

If you need the full features of a systems management tool, but not the hefty implementation costs that go with setting up and configuring it, KACE might be the right product for you.

The KACE Endpoint Systems Management Appliances address the gamut of device management tasks:

  • Device Discovery & Inventory
  • Software Distribution
  • Patch Management & Security
  • Inventory & IT Asset Management
  • Software License Mangaement
  • Remote Control
  • Service Desk
  • Power Management
  • Imaging
  • Systems Deployment
  • Server Management & Monitoring
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • and much more...

Our impeltec Quest-certified KACE consulting experts can help with any of your needs:

  • KACE License Procurement and Purchasing
  • Systems Management Planning
  • Consulting and Technical Guidance
  • Implementation and Configuration
  • Agent and Remote Site Appliance (RSA) Deployment
  • Service Desk Workflows
  • Custom SQL Reports & Dashboards
  • Support and Troubleshooting
  • KACE Health Checks
  • Desktop SOE Image Design, Build and Integration
  • Education and Training

Located in the United States?  Not a problem!  We offer flexible remote services and can provide references from other happy US-based customers!

Integrate an SOE Portal image with KACE to manage the full lifecycle of your SOE.   It really is as simple as selecting the option to include the KACE management agent in your next cloud-built SOE image.  If you need assistance with Application Packaging to deploy your software using KACE, we've also got you covered.

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