Microsoft Configuration Manager

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Microsoft Configuration Manager

Microsoft Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) is a powerful tool that allows you to manage your devices, applications, and settings throughout your environment.  It enables you to automate tasks, enforce compliance, and deliver software updates efficiently and securely.  However, managing ConfigMgr can be complex and challenging, especially if you have a large and diverse IT environment.  For the best outcomes, it is highly recommended you work with a partner who can help you leverage ConfigMgr to its full potential and achieve your business goals.

impeltec is a leading provider of ConfigMgr services, with many years of experience and expertise in the field.  We offer a range of services to help you plan, deploy, manage, and optimize your ConfigMgr solution, including:

  • Design: We assess your current IT infrastructure and business needs, and design a ConfigMgr solution that suits your specific requirements and objectives.  We help you choose the best architecture, configuration, and features for your ConfigMgr environment, and ensure that it aligns with your security and compliance standards.
  • Implementation: We build and implement your ConfigMgr solution with minimal disruption and impact. We handle all the aspects of the installation, integration, and testing of your ConfigMgr system, and ensure that it works seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure.  We also provide training and support to your IT staff, and help you transition smoothly to the new ConfigMgr platform.
  • Management: We can manage and optimize your ConfigMgr solution on an ongoing basis, and ensure that it delivers optimal performance and functionality.  We can monitor and troubleshoot your ConfigMgr system, and provide regular updates and patches to keep it secure and up-to-date.  We can also help you optimize your ConfigMgr processes and workflows, and provide best practices and recommendations to improve your IT efficiency and productivity.
  • Review and Recommendation: We can also provide you with a comprehensive review and recommendation report for your existing ConfigMgr infrastructure, and help you identify and address any issues or gaps that may affect your IT performance and security.  We can conduct health assessments and audits of your ConfigMgr system, and provide you with detailed insights and suggestions on how to improve your ConfigMgr configuration, features, and usage.  We can also help you plan and execute any necessary upgrades or enhancements to your ConfigMgr solution, and ensure that it meets your current and future IT needs.

We also offer a range of additional services for Microsoft Configuration Manager, including:

With impeltec, you can benefit from our ConfigMgr services in various ways, such as:

  • Reducing your IT costs and complexity by streamlining and automating your IT management tasks
  • Enhancing your IT security and compliance by enforcing policies and standards across your devices and applications
  • Improving your IT agility and scalability by enabling faster and easier deployment and management of your IT resources
  • Boosting your business performance and competitiveness by increasing your IT availability and reliability

Contact us today to help you get started.   We also recommend you consider integrating an SOE Portal Windows build with ConfigMgr to manage the full lifecycle of your devices.